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Monday - Saturday: 8am - 5pm

No. 181 Jacinto Tan Building,

Capistrano-Mabini Streets,

Cagayan de Oro City

9000 Philippines

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     As host of this 1st-ever Mindanao Truck Fair (MTF), Sterling Events Corporation is proud to welcome everyone to this event and to the friendship city of Cagayan de Oro!


     The Mindanao Truck Fair is more than just an assemblage of new and used trucks and their manufacturers or dealers, financial support service companies, truckers, logistics providers, other automotive-industry players and end-users. While certainly there are a parade of trucks and a throng of people, the Mindanao Truck Fair (MTF) is veritably a convergence: nestled on the genial grounds of Cagayan de Oro City and the SM Malls, these truck manufacturers and dealers, automotive services-related providers, truck consumers and those on the verge of entering into any truck-utilizing businesses, gather and commune to cut deals, establish connections, form relationships and, of course, buy and sell trucks, after which emerges a closer and tighter-linked marketplace for the partakers in the truck industry.


     This fair is merely the first of many to come regularly in the future. Gone should be the days when a Mindanao-based truck needer of good-quality but fairly-priced unit had to go to Cebu, Manila or Subic to purchase it. Now, the MTF literally brings to his very doorsteps an array of choices ready for his grasp.


     Incidentally, we have walked the extra mile so to speak to ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and enjoying not only this trucking experience but the fiesta atmosphere, as well – an ambiance that should be pervading at the duration of the fair throughout the exhibit venue and the city as a whole.   


Have a great time and welcome to the 1st Mindanao Truck Fair (MTF) one and all!


Irene L. Floro, RN, PhD

President, SEC